Welcome To Iqra Quran Acaidmy


Welcome To Iqra Quran Acaidmy!


IQRA QURAN ACAIDMY! Is An Online Islamic Center For Providing Online Quran Tutoring Service That Enables You / Your Kids To Learn To Read The Holy Quran With Tajweed At Your Desired Time And Days With Live Quran Teacher. Our Lessons Are Equally Beneficial For Kids And Adults (Of Any Age). Memorization Of Quran Is Another Great Course Offered By IQRA QURAN ACAIDMY.

Vision of Iqra Quran Acaidmy!

“The Prophet (PBUH) Said, The Best Among You (Muslims) Are Those Who Learn The Quran And Teach It.”Online Quran Teachings Is The Vision Of IQRA QURAN ACAIDMY. Alhamdu Lillah Weteach Holy Quran 1 To 1 Classes Using The Latest Software’s, Technology And The Latest Quran Teaching Methods And Tutors. Now Students Of Any Age Of Any Country Can Learn To Read Quran At Their Own Schedule And Place. Parents Can Now Watch Their Children Learn Quran At Home In Front Of Their Eyes.

Capabilities of Iqra Quran Acaidmy!

Fairly trained And certified Quran instructors.
stay Quran lessons.
unfastened three Days Trial training.
inexpensive monthly price. Leran Quran anytime From anywhere.



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